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Bangalore Airport

What is the key takeaway? My manager asks me this question on many occasions & now I try to ask this to myself on practically most of the things I do. And today as my flight has got delayed, for which I rushed leaving a friend at the restaurant. I have decided to call up before coming to airport hence forth. Now as I sit at the airport eating the free snacks given by Jet Airways I am utilising this time to write my thoughts on an issue close to my heart.

Biting the hand that feeds you.

We work in an organisation and then we move on. Many reasons make us leave an organisation our personal issues, growth, opportunities, dissatisfaction from job, bad boss etc. We all crib about something or other in our companies. I personally feel it is very difficult for an employee to be satisfied with each & everything at your organisation. We crib & it is a very natural phenomenon. Only those people crib who are deeply involved in their jobs.

But how justified is it to bitch about your company and that too after leaving it? I have seen so many people bitching about the company they have left & I fail to understand that how you can do something like this. I mean this was the company you were working for, this was the company you joined and you earned you salary from. I tried to understand this and gave some thought to it. My understanding is that as humans we all have tendencies of being unsatisfied about most of the things in life. Job is the one that tops the list with most of the people. And in job it is primarily some or the other function, policy, person or issue that creates the unsatisfactory feeling. Even I do so, I am unsatisfied with the sales process of one of my ex companies & the HR policy of the other one. But it is very difficult for me to bitch about the company in totality. I mean okay there could be one aspect or person but come on the entire company can’t be that bad. It is very impossible for everything at a company to go wrong, it is just not humanly possible. And above all it will be very difficult to be dissatisfied with everything, the people & process alike.

So as far as my understanding goes, it is not something that is wrong with the company but with the person. The dust is not on the mirror, it’s on my face. And I can’t blame everything. A lot of my ex colleagues and I at times discuss our previous companies and we do a post mortem of the system & management, and on all occasion we blame something or other. But also on all occasion there is something that we appreciate & praise.

So as a normal employee and individual I will blame but I will not bitch. And I will certainly not bite the hand that fed me.

I know and am very conscious of the fact that a lot of people will find this writing of mine in bad taste, but come-on I am a blogger and I have my constitutional right of expressing my opinion. My SO(U)LE opinion.