A traveler stuck in time and lost in thoughts, yet hoping to reach someplace!

I feel you get to know a lot about a person by what they like and what they do rather than what they say about themselves. So i leave you to decide about me by letting you know what i like and do. Here it goes…

There are two kind of people those who eat to live and those who live to eat. I represent the latter. I eat. And i eat a lot. I prefer street food over any fine dining place. I love baingan, in any form and preparation.

There are two forms of life, real and reel. I love the reel one. I am a filmmakers delight as i find very few films bad.  I am a sucker for rom coms and chick flicks. I love happy films and films that can make me smile. If i am spending money to watch a film i better enjoy it. I don’t like much of science fictions and alien movies. And i certainly cant ever watch a horror film. And lastly i am a die hard fan of Salman Khan. Well doesn’t it tells you a lot about me!

There are two forms of words, spoken and written. I love books and i am a voracious reader. I read news papers, magazines, pamphlets and any thing i come across. Love thrillers, mysteries, comics and business related books. Favorite authors would be Jeffery Archer thou i am not particular about authors as i can read anyone if the book is appealing. Especially the title and cover.

You have taken the time and effort to read about me but let me tell you i am not that interesting but i did try to write something interesting which you can read in my blog.

Do drop in a line or two about what you liked and more importantly what you dont. that will be really motivating for me.



1 thought on “About”

  1. Nice blog you write that is more important ..and you share what you right is far more important.. take care .. though we dd not get time to interact at the Indi Meet ..

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